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SIDs Public Services Association
Strategic Planning Consultant

The Work

A rapidly changing landscape, post-pandemic, required Columbus, Ohio’s downtown-focused organizations, including the Capital Crossroads (CCSID) and Discovery Special Improvement Districts (DSID), to reassess and rearticulate their direction, strategies, and core services.

Terri worked in close collaboration with a Columbus-based, nationally regarded urban planning firm, and the executive team that leads the special improvement districts, to design and execute a strategic planning process.  During a five-month engagement a diverse representation of the SIDs’ stakeholders were surveyed online and engaged through virtual and in-person sessions.  More than 200 property owners, members of both SID Boards, leaders from the City of Columbus and downtown-focused organizations including the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation and Experience Columbus,  developers, office brokers, and residents, among others, provided valuable insights that enriched the assessment and informed the planning process. 

The strategic plan – adopted by both Boards of Directors -- affirmed the quality, value, and utmost importance of the SIDs keeping downtown safe and clean. The plan also identified key opportunities and strategies that will strengthen the SIDs’ ability to represent, advocate for and better serve its property owners. Finally, the plan emphasized the importance of and need for new leaders across various partner organizations to build relationships and work in close partnership with the SIDs to fully elevate the vibrancy of downtown Columbus. 


On the heels of the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation adopting its new strategic plan, our planning work was exceptionally timely.  Terri and her co-consultants designed an ambitious, inclusive process and guided us expertly and with enthusiasm in shaping a new direction that both preserves core services and positions us for new, value-added work aligned with key civic partners. 


~ Marc Conte, Executive Director, SIDs Public Services Association

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