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Matriots Education Fund

Chair | Advisory Committee

The Work

Building on its work to support women running for elected office, the Matriots Political Action Committee (PAC) was eager to see a statewide 501c3 education fund established that would encourage Ohio women’s leadership in support of their effective citizenship.

An advisory committee was engaged to explore the feasibility of such an organization.  During this five-month engagement, Terri led the 11-member committee that focused its exploration on crafting a purpose statement, seeking key partners/allies, assessing fundraising potential, and advising on a governing board structure and leadership. 


The committee’s finding and recommendations led to the formal filing of an application for 501c3 status for a Matriots Education Fund.  The Fund provides research, outreach and educational activities that connect, inform, and empower Ohio women, regardless of political affiliation, to engage more fully in our electoral system.


The advisory committee’s work proceeded in a strategic, thoughtful, engaging and timely manner. Terri’s broad range of experiences and her leadership style served the work well.


~ Sally Crane Cox and Sharon Steele, Founders | The Matriots


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