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Columbus State Community College

Senior Advisor, Office of the President

Terri supported various executive leadership transitions, and collaborated with the President and his executive team on neighborhood developmental planning, financial and facilities planning, and partnership development with stakeholders that included the City of Columbus Development Department, Columbus College of Art and Design, State Auto Insurance Companies, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, the Discovery Special Improvement District, and the Edwards Companies.



Terri's leadership was invaluable to the continued forward momentum of several critical strategic initiatives that were in the early stages of development. Her mastery of complex systems and concepts, along with her unique leadership acumen ensured that our projects were well-planned and efficiently implemented.

~ Kim Hall, Director, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services; former Senior Vice President for Administration and General Counsel, Columbus State Community College

Terri's continued service as Senior Advisor was invaluable during a very pivotal and transitional period for the college, when several major initiatives were being shaped. While I learned a lot from Terri during the years I served as the college's Controller, it was a gift to have her on campus during my first 18 months in my new role.​

~ Aletha Shipley, Vice President for Business Services, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Columbus State Community College


Terri is a master integrator of complex issues and orchestrator of diverse stakeholders. The work during our 3-year partnership revealed many of Terri's gifts, including her limitless curiosity, savvy problem-solving and passion for being helpful to people.

~ Jamie A. Greene, AIA FAICP, Principal, Planning NEXT;  Key collaborator with Terri on neighborhood development 

Chair, Capital Resources Team

As Chair of the Capital Resources Team (CRT), Terri worked in close partnership with the President, members of his cabinet, consultants and others to integrate the College’s capital planning team’s initiatives with the work she led to assess the feasibility of potential public and private resources to meet the college’s capital needs. 

The CRT guided the preparation of the college’s comprehensive $440 million capital plan, financing scenarios, a case statement for public support, and the formal actions the college’s Board of Trustees would need to take to pursue public support for the college’s capital needs.  Additionally, to aid the decision-making process, Terri partnered with CRT members to engage a wide range of stakeholders to inform a timeline, budget, and resources that would be needed for such an initiative.



Terri's strategic thinking, understanding of public finance and capital planning, genuine passion, and commitment to excellence helped us deliver a comprehensive capital plan that was well done and completed on time. This was at the same time we were figuring out what it would take to seek public support to help fund the plan. Terri joining our team was truly an answer to prayer. 

~ Kelly Weir, Director, Resource Planning and Strategic Support 

Interim Executive Director, Columbus State Foundation

Terri served as Interim Director of the Columbus State Foundation leading the team in re-imagining the foundation as an even stronger partner in the work of advancing student success.



During Terri’s brief tenure as Interim Director, we stepped back as a team and had the chance to consider the Foundation’s work in new ways. I felt re-energized and rejuvenated.  It was just the spark we needed during our leadership transition.

~ Jesse Jones, Annual Giving Officer

Executive Recruitment Consultant

For executive positions including Vice President of Advancement and Chief of Staff, Terri served as the architect of a recruitment process and counselor for all facets of the search process. She partnered closely with the President and members of his Cabinet, leaders of the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board, the Columbus State Community Partners Board and the Executive Director of Human Resources to develop a customized strategy and approach for each talent search including: defining the job portfolio and responsibilities, creating a compelling position profile, developing a recruitment strategy, outlining the specifics of the search process, and establishing a process timeline.  In addition to process design, Terri actively recruited prospects, sourced a diverse pool, vetted the talent, and presented a slate of qualified candidates.  


The processes have been completed within four to six months.



Terri did a killer job bringing in a deeply talented pool of candidates.

~ Allen Kraus, Member, Search Committee; Vice President for Enrollment Services and Marketing and Communications

Strategic Planning Consultant

In the wake of unprecedented public support for a $300 million bond issue to modernize facilities and technology, and in the face of emerging societal shifts accelerated in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, the College sought to retool its 10-year capital implementation plan.  The work focused on updating vision and strategies for eight academic and student support programs and included, as needed, business and facility planning to hone specific strategies.   


Terri co-led a team of consultants that collaborated closely with a strategic cross-section of College stakeholders, including academic deans, faculty and program leaders, the President and members of his Cabinet, and external stakeholders, to frame and execute an overarching and coherent planning process.  This cross-sectional team’s work involved industry research and benchmarking, and extensive engagements with faculty, administrators, students, industry leaders, and other key external stakeholders.   Engagement with employers focused on the rapidly emerging societal shifts and their impacts on the future of work, with a specific focus on framing responsive talent strategies. 


The strategic work products crafted by this team were designed to be shared subsequently with those responsible for producing a detailed 10-year capital implementation plan.  



Terri was a wonderful connector between the consultants and College leaders and an invaluable leader to our team.  She brought rich historical knowledge and understanding that was a real benefit to the work.

       ~ Alana Haslow, Project Team Member; DesignGroup


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